I Won Over $750 at Maryland Live Casino
Yesterday I decided to take a trip to Maryland Live Casino. I had $80 in hand to gamble with. My night started with a big hand on the BlackJack table.
Shortly after winning playing Blackjack, I moved on to the slot machines where my lucky night continued.
Notice I am on a $.25 (quarter) machine. Most people believe quarter machines are for the rich and that Penny machines are for the poor. Believe it or not, the quarter machine I am on has a maximum bet of only $.75 which is what I played.
I then move on to play $.01 (penny) slot machines. The maximum bet on the penny slot machine I won on is $1.25. I played $1.25 which is the max bet for a big win.
After winning on the penny slot machine, I took a trip back to the Blackjack machines. Once there I noticed a big crowd near the Blackjack games and went over to see what had happened. A women playing the Royal Match feature of the Blackjack machine hit the progressive jackpot for more than $60,000. It was unbelievable to witness. I have never before witnessed a live jackpot or a jackpot winner.
After watching the jackpot winner, I played a few hands of Three Card Poker and got a big hand! I hit a straight after 3 hands.
Toward the end of the night I started to get tired and played a final round of Blackjack. This was my biggest win of the night. After winning a few if hands, I cashed out well into the positive. People often say to "Quit while your Ahead!" It's advice often given, but little ever taken. I took the advice. Please like and comment. If you have a story you would like to share email us at [email protected]. Good luck.

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“I’m still in shock,” said Debra.

Join us in congratulating Debra on her big win and wishing her a happy, healthy marriage!

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KENO Player Hits $50,000 Jackpot

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“I usually play Bonus Match 5 but then I figured I’d switch it up and play some Keno,” he said. “I always thought I’d win $50,000, but I had no idea it would be with Keno.”

Join us in congratulating Stephen on his $50,000 win!

Slots Player Hits a $7,197 Jackpot

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